Ressources for Stellar and Lumens:

Stellar Federation service for domain. Includes test of federation name.

Stellar Federation service

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Buy and sell Bitcoin and crypto currency

There is a big number of exchanges and trading platforms in the world. Some very small. Others are trading billions of dollars daily. Here are a few of them:

The largest Euro-Bitcoin Exchange. With Kraken it is possible to trade a large number of Crypto Curriences including Stellar Lumen, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and others. It is possible to transfer money via SEPA transfer to European bank account.

One of the leading bitcoin exchanges - especially important in USA. Coinbase is very selective and it is only possible to trade Bitcoin and a few other altcoins.

Coinbase PRO
Coinbases exchange for advanced crypto traders. Coinbase PRO has many more altcoins and ways to trade - but ofcourse also more complicated to use.

A big international exchange. It is possible to trade af very large number of different crypto currenices

Direct acces to the Stellar Decentralized Exchange making it possible to trade almost any asset directly on the Stellar Network. You withdraw Stellar Lumen but you need to find an anchor or transfer to another exchange to withdraw Euros, Dollars, kroner og other fiat currencies.

Where to shop with Bitcoin?

Find where to use Bitcoins or other altcoins in shops, cafés, restaurants, shops etc - including ATM to get Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and altcoin payment systems

One of the leading payment service providers is Danish. Coinify is making it possible to accept Bitcoins and altcoins in a webshop or a physical shop with little effort.

Payment system provider who supports payments in Bitcoins - in cooperation with Coinify.

Money transfer company. Using the Stellar network to fast transfer of Euro to many places in the world and exchange them to other fiat currencies.